Friday, January 21, 2011

And so our perilous journey begins.

Today was my big 'social networking' day.  I got accounts with all the important stuff, fleshed out profiles insofar as I could, and wrestled with counterintuitive file uploading systems.  And at the end of it all I stopped and thought to myself 'Why not a blog, while I'm at it?'  I like to think I'm not especially narcissistic, but I do enjoy a good ramble or rant now and then.  So I figured this seemed like a good place for it.  This isn't going to be a very focused blog, I do believe; there will be plenty of ranting on the writing industry, on storytelling techniques, and on cooking and gaming.  And maybe a little politics, if I can stand the heat.

Not much of an introduction, I know, but I despise introductions.  They make me twitch.  So if anyone wants to read, I'd be honored.  I'll do my best to only say something when I feel like I've got something worth saying.  Hmm, and now that I have a blog with at least a precursor to actual content in it, gosh, I'll need to incorporate all the appropriate links back and forth for this, too, won't I?  This social networking stuff is a lot of work.  I think having actual friends is less work than this!

C'est la vie.  And yes, that is basically the only French I know, because I'm retarded in foreign linguistics.

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